SRBF Bearings /Fiber / Fibre / Fabric Bearings / Textolite Bearings / Fabric sheets / Fibre / Fabric Castor Wheels for Indoor Trollies / Fabric Moulded Sheets
A Quality name
in fibre products
with market in
India, Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Nairobi,
Sri Lanka,Nepal,
Tanzania, Botswana
U.A.E. , Iran , USA & Ghana
Sudershan Fibre Enterprises PVT.LTD. has been one of the leading manufacturers of Fibre Bearings and Nylon pads / inserts. We have a professional set up and technical expertise to manufacture Quality Fibre Products namely Fibre Bearings, Fibre Liner, Fibre Collars, Fibre Cotters, Fibre Pads, Fibre Plates, manufactured as per customer specification / drawings.

Fibre Bearings (Fibre Bearings / Textolite Bearings / SRBF Bearings)
Nylon Pads / Inserts